IQP Backflow Testing                   

What is backflow?

Backflow is the unwanted flow of contaminated water reversing into the clean potable water supply system.

Backflow is not desirable in any way, and it is usually caused by an abnormal drop in water pressure coming from your property so contaminate water is siphoned back into your clean water supply.


Why is backflow inspection needed?

Because this presents a serious health risk, some of the building codes mandate for a backflow inspection to be conducted. Doing regular backflow testing can prevent serious water contamination.

Have in mind that this should only be done by experienced and professional backflow testing companies who can make sure that the backflow prevention testing is done properly and the repairs are according to the current regulations.

Backflow preventer testing

Our team at MCB Plumbers are IQP certified backflow testers, who will do the backflow prevention testing, problem diagnosis, installation, and all the repairs. We are also available for any future maintenance needs you might have.

Backflow Testing services:

  • Backflow inspection
  • Backflow repairs
  • Backflow maintenance
  • Backflow recommendations


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